Our Journey

PIMCO has long believed that uncovering value for clients requires a focus on long-term factors – something we’ve managed for decades through our secular forums. This long-term orientation led us to formalize our belief in ESG in 2011, the same year we signed the Principles for Responsible Investment. Launching a dedicated ESG investment platform is our latest step forward in this journey.

Our Approach

PIMCO ESG is designed for the growing number of investors who seek more than financial returns. Combining ESG-focused portfolio construction with robust issuer engagement and transparent reporting, our goal is to invest for both attractive returns and positive social and environmental change.

Targeting Performance and Positive Change


Restrict investment in issuers fundamentally misaligned with sustainability practices

Examples of exclusions

  • Controversial weapons
  • Tobacco
  • Pornography
  • Coal


Emphasize best-in-class ESG issuers and prime ESG engagement candidates in portfolio construction

Attributes of best-in-class issuers

  • Good environmental practices
  • Strong corporate governance
  • Industry-leading social policies


Engage collaboratively with issuers to change ESG-related business practices

Sample engagement questions

  • Are you developing a framework for climate risk reporting?
  • What is your policy on parental leave?
  • Do you have a culture and conduct committee?

Your Impact

PIMCO ESG’s active investment approach seeks to identify issuers that we can best engage with to influence change. As we engage, we measure and report on progress, allowing you to see the impact your investment has made. Across the vast fixed income universe, small change can have an enormous positive effect.

Making an impact as a bond investor

1500+ of the largest companies*
With a combined market capitalization of over $33 trillion
And total assets close to $110 trillion
*Refers to the global bond universe as represented by the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index