Our Process

Top-down meets bottom-up

Our Process

Our Process

Our investment process has evolved over decades and been tested in virtually every market environment. It integrates insights from our Cyclical Forums, which anticipate market and economic trends over the coming six to 12 months, and the annual Secular Forum, which projects trends over the coming three to five years. These top-down views are complemented by bottom-up perspectives from specialists and quantitative analysis of individual securities and portfolio construction. The Investment Committee, which is composed of senior investment professionals, drives decision-making on a daily basis.

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Our Process Economic Forums Chart

We believe an informed macroeconomic outlook – over long- and short-term horizons – is key to identifying opportunities and risks well before they occur. Four times a year, our 870+ investment professionals from offices around the world gather to discuss and debate the state of the global markets and economy, and pinpoint trends we believe will have important investment implications. Over a 50-year history, these forums have helped us get ahead of global developments and anticipate our clients’ future challenges and objectives.


Our Process Investment Committee Chart

The forums fuel the work of PIMCO’s Investment Committee (IC), which is comprised of our most senior investment professionals, including Group Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Dan Ivascyn and all our CIOs – each of whom oversees a specific channel of assets within the firm and is immersed in our process at every level. The IC distills PIMCO’s insights into investment guidelines on such factors as growth, inflation, duration, volatility, sectors, countries and currencies.

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Our research analysts are industry sector specialists, who draw on our proprietary risk management technology, a highly skilled trading desk and four decades of industry-leading investment expertise to gain a deep understanding of securities across the globe and capital structure.

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Our investment team is comprised of 260+ regional and specialist portfolio managers and 95+ analysts, including 75+ global credit analysts, that use our rigorous bottom-up analysis and top-down guidelines to help target the most attractive opportunities for our clients’ portfolios.

PIMCO Highlights*

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers.

More than 3,025

Employees around the world


Global offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia


Countries in which clients are based


Global investment professionals


Portfolio Managers with an average of 17 years of experience


Investment professionals who have been at PIMCO for 10 years or more


Global Credit Analysts


Sector Specialty Desks


Analytics/Asset Experts


Investors worldwide

$2.21 trillion

Assets under management

As of 31 December 2020

* PIMCO manages $2.21 trillion in assets, including $1.63 trillion in third-party client assets as of December 31, 2020. Assets include $17.1 billion in assets of clients contracted with Gurtin Fixed Income Management, LLC and $79.7 billion in assets of clients contracted with Allianz Real Estate, affiliates and wholly-owned subsidiaries of PIMCO.