Inclusion, Diversity
& Culture

Our Mission

PIMCO's global Inclusion, Diversity & Culture (IDC) initiative seeks to heighten employees' appreciation for diverse perspectives and skills, which in turn will facilitate increased collaboration and enhance our ability to attract, retain, develop, and engage top talent - all of which will lead to better outcomes for our clients and PIMCO.


Our Story

At PIMCO, we seek to create an environment where all our people can be their authentic selves. We dedicate ourselves daily to supporting a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance so that our people and clients continue to thrive.

Our Programs

Each of us has a unique and evolving set of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and styles to contribute. Our programs are designed to support and empower our people personally and professionally throughout their lifecycle.


News & Events

  • Americas

    Leading & Leveraging Diverse Teams

    In honor of Veterans Day, a decorated military veteran will share his approach to getting the job done by leveraging inclusive leadership skills to collaborate with diverse colleagues to achieve positive results.

  • Global

    Dispelling the Bias of Introverts

    An expert on leadership and innovation will challenge and broaden traditional definitions of “good performance” and make a case for fully leveraging both introverted and extroverted strengths.

  • Newport Beach

    Champion for Babies & Families

    MOMS Orange County, has awarded PIMCO with its inaugural Champion for Babies & Families Award for our support of working mothers.

  • Americas

    The Importance of Fostering an Inclusive Environment

    Emmanuel Roman, CEO, discussed the importance of a diversified talent pool and the value of engaging in a dialogue on race in the workplace.

  • Global

    The Benefits of Sponsorship for Sponsors and Protégés

    The Center for Talent Innovation presented thought-provoking research from the book Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor highlighting the benefits of sponsorship for one’s career and development.


    PIMCO Partners With Girls Who Invest

    The partnership between PIMCO and Girls Who Invest looks to help build a pipeline of women in asset management for a more inclusive financial services industry.

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    Raising Awareness of Diverse Perspectives and Skills

    Adam Grant, author & organizational psychologist, addressed colleagues on the impact of givers vs. takers on organizational dynamics and why collaboration helps drive our success.


    Leadership Lessons Learned as a SEAL

    A former NAVY SEAL turned successful entrepreneur spoke on the leadership lessons he learned as a SEAL and the leadership traits and assets that veterans bring to the civilian business community.


    PIMCO is Proud to Honor International Women's Day

    International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.


    Celebrating Pride at PIMCO

    As many countries around the world celebrate Pride month in June, PIMCO is proud to support the LGBT+ community and its allies.

  • Global

    The Impact of Male Championship

    This leadership seminar discussed how and why men can be champions for women in the workplace and provided tangible recommendations on how to accomplish this.

  • APAC

    Becoming a Champion of Inclusion

    PIMCO PRIDE hosted a discussion with leaders in the financial industry who shared insights into their financial industry experience and their views on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Americas

    Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

    Discussions were held that recognized the stigma surrounding mental illness and how being mindful of mental illness attributes can help us better recognize, re-educate and reduce the risks associated with this condition

  • Americas

    Memorial Day Remembrance

    U.S. offices hosted special tributes to fallen Veterans at Memorial Day Remembrance events.


    Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

    PIMCO is honored and proud to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index three years in a row as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.


    Raising Awareness of Diverse Perspectives and Skills

    Dan Pink, best-selling author and one of the top 10 most-watched TED speakers, addressed colleagues on the science and principles of motivation and the impact of each of us as managers & leaders.


    Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

    PIMCO is honored and proud to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index four years in a row as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.


    Understanding Everyday Bias

    PIMCO Multicultural led a discussion around the intersection between unconscious bias and race to foster an inclusive environment that embraces different perspectives.


    Managing Uncertainty Seminar

    Adam Grant, organizational psychologist, best-selling author & professor, The Wharton School of Business led a discussion on how to best manage through uncertainty, in the context of each of our differing personal and professional circumstances due to uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Understanding and Addressing Systemic Racism

    Discussions were had addressing how racial inequality impacts employees both inside and outside of the workplace. Outcomes provided practical actions to combat racial inequality, both now and ongoing.

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As a premier fixed income investment management firm harnessing talent and dynamism from the best people all over the world, PIMCO works relentlessly to create opportunity in every environment for our clients.

Our Partnerships

Our gender focused partners were instrumental in informing our efforts early on. Today, we proudly partner with multiple distinguished organizations across multiple identity and experience dimensions, to advance progress within our organization and across our industry.


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