Rethink the Industry Framework

Based on the women we surveyed, the financial industry has an opportunity to improve its perception among female investors. Investment management and advisory services that want to successfully partner with women will need to understand how they currently view the industry and what needs to change.

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Women on Investing

Women believe in the power of investing and are interested in working with a professional advisor.

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  • 84% see investing as a powerful tool for creating life choices.
  • 71% would switch to a financial advisor who proactively makes managing finances easier.

Women on the Industry

Unfortunately, women don’t feel welcomed by the financial industry, calling past encounters “complicated” and “challenging.”

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  • 72% believe the system is set up to be confusing.
  • 51% agree that they almost need to become a financial expert to talk to a financial advisor.
  • 53% say the industry doesn't reflect their lifestyles or realities.

What needs to change

Women want financial institutions to make a better effort to understand and accommodate their lives and their goals.

78% are more interested in talking to an advisor who focuses on improving the quality of their life versus just beating the market. How?

Insights into Action

At PIMCO, we use data and analysis to inform action. Findings from our survey suggest actions financial advisors can take to better serve women investors.

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About the Survey

At PIMCO, we believe diverse perspectives generate deeper insights, drive greater innovation and yield better outcomes for investors. That conviction, combined with our research-driven culture, led us to commission this large-scale market survey, Women, Investing and the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance.

The objective of the survey was to collect and analyze data that would illuminate the needs of women investors, including their motivations, goals, performance expectations and investment philosophy, to help ensure that the financial goals of this important segment of the investing population are being met – both here at PIMCO and throughout the financial services industry.

Women, Investing & the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance

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